Aesthesia (es-thee-zhuh) noun ; the ability to perceive sensations

Through aesthesia, we experience. And when we experience fully we are inspired.

Aesthesia Studios is a purpose-built photographic studio designed by internationally recognized architect Ted Tanaka and owned by filmmaker Grant Mitchell and Italian architect Tiziana Alessandro Mitchell.  We recognize how important your surroundings are in fostering creative fulfillment. We know how a positive experience can enhance your work, and how an exhilarating space can elevate your spirit, synchronize a team and allow your vision to flourish.

Aesthesia Studios is run by photography veterans who anticipate your needs while delivering professional services and amenities in a personalized boutique environment.

Adjacent to both Culver City and Venice Beach, minutes from LAX, with easy freeway access, Aesthesia Studios is ideally situated as your west Los Angeles locale.

Come feel the difference. We look forward to hosting you.